Timothy Bradley won against Manuel Marquez via Split Decision

Tim Bradley Won against Manuel MarquezAfter 12 rounds of struggling and receiving the punches from the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, Tim Bradley was able to go home with flying colors winning the 12 rounds of boxing and remains undefeated. He was able to defend his title from this fight, he is still the WBO Featherweight Champion.

Many fans have said that the fight is cheated, there are lots of Mexican went to Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas just to witness the fight of their bet, Juan Manuel Marquez. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful together with the idol in getting the crown or belt.

What is next for Tim Bradley? Will Marquez retire from boxing considering he is already a 40 year old professional athlete? Are we expecting another fight between Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao, provided Pacquiao  will win this Pacquiao vs Rios fight this coming November 24 at Macau China? We already know that these two rivals are still depending their names in the boxing field. The last fight that they had was tremendous fight and nobody was expecting on the outcome of that fight, did you?

Here are some of the comments and opinions of the boxing fans from our Facebook Page.

You can see from their comments that the fight was cheated. If you also take a look at the scorecard, you will see that the scores from the three judges are very far from each other.

115-113 Marquez, 115-113 Bradley, 116-112 Bradley

As you noticed the first score is for Marquez with two points lead. And the other two are for Bradley, well, you judge and decide. We always free to give our opinions. Anyways, what was done is done. Let’s face it.

In the round per round results of BoxingInsider.com, there are also comments about the fight, some are as follows:

  • Christos Zarganis Marquez is strong resilient cunning but in the end hes just a guy who runs back waiting for your mistep to fire a counter..He is not a legend he is not a great boxer ..He was lucky pacman was careless and fought with a coach that wont school him against the obvious ..Sad really..As for bradley ..if champs are like this then we should all stop watching fights and go back to old hits like hearns hopkins and tyson lewin hollyfield movie-brawls…I cant wait for paqcuiao rios..There, will be a fight.
  • Read more comments of the fight from BoxingInsider.com, from this link.

We are now looking forward for the fight between Pacquiao and Rios: Clash of Cotai this coming November 24, 2013 in Macau, China. Tickets of their fight are now available to purchase.